In-Flight Accommodations
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In-Flight Accommodations

The Shack: Seating Diagram

The Shack operates in a three-class configuration: First, Business, and Economy. While many of our customers choose to fly only First and Business, Economy remains a very valid option. Here are the general descriptions for each class:

First: Our flagship service: Passengers have access to unlimited High Definition (HD) cable television, an Xbox 360, and Wii console, free unlimited wi-fi, before departure drinks and priority food service; 3 to 4 seats are available*, each on a comfortable and luxurious couch with ample space to walk around and a table available for working or eating.

Business: Passengers have access to all first class amenities if they receive permission from first class customers. Business class includes free unlimited wi-fi and complimentary magazines. For sleeping, each seat is equipped with a sleeping bag function to provide you with an easy and comfortable way to rest; 5 to 7 seats are available.*

Economy: Passengers sleep in the kitchen on a straight-back chair and try to make friends with the flight attendants; complimentary wi-fi; 4 seats are available.*

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*Varies on flight and popularity